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hante - fierce, cover

Hante – Fierce

One of my favorite artist is „Hante“. This woman from Paris, France is going to release her new album called „Fierce“. The first single from this album is „Wild animal“. This song and the video just blow me away. I hope you like this song as much as I do. If you like it, just […]

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Mix en orbite – Hante

My very favorite band at the moment is „Hante“. This mix is from Hélène. There are also 4 full length studio releases availabe on bandcamp. Here goes the tracklist: 1. Boy Harsher – Country Girl 2. The Colder Sea – Young Love 3. Xarah Dion – Sottises 4. Turquoise Days – Grey Skies 5. Selofan […]

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Döll – Weit weg

2014 the MC „Döll“ released this video from his EP „Weit weg“. I like his style and his music very much. I listen to this track very often since the release. Hope you like it too and give him a try. Be shure to check his full album together with his brother „Madness“: Mein Bruder […]

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Without words

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – A song 4 hate & devotion There is nothing in my heart, that is how i love you There is nothing in my heart, that is how i hate you There is nothing in my heart, that is why i hold you There is nothing in my mind, that is what […]

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Asi Es – Das Versprechen

Today I want to share a tune from Berlin based producer and rapper „Asi Es“ aka. „Cloudito“. This song is about the love of a father to his little daughter. I like the song very much and the first time I was listening to, I used to cry, because this track is so beautiful. I […]

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Hello world!

Hello world… This is my first post on my new blog. With this one I would say „Thank you!“ to my family. Without you I wouldn´t have made it till here. I love you so much. The living ones and those who have passed away. In my heart we are all together… R.I.P. And I would also say […]

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